ANSYS DesignSpace

ANSYS DesignSpace is a tried and tested structural analysis solution for engineers and designers looking to leverage the validated and widely used ANSYS Mechanical solver in the same environment as higher level tools. The same intuitive and powerful tools that enable fast setup, solving and post-processing are available to DesignSpace users. A tree-driven environment that provides a logical top to bottom workflow with meaningful feedback means that even occasional users can be productive.

Structural analysis
Structural, thermal and modal analysis enable you to study a range of loading conditions that can be combined to better represent real-world scenarios. Thermal results can be applied to a structural analysis to look at thermal expansion scenarios. Similarly, stressed conditions from a structural analysis could be used to simulate pre-stressed modal analysis to find natural resonant frequencies of parts and assemblies.

Automated contact
Setting up models with multiple parts means that the interaction between these parts must be well defined. An automated tool to detect and define contact regions ensures that you merely need to review settings before proceeding with a solution. Tools are available to tune settings to make sure the automated tools work exactly as needed.

All of the ANSYS Mechanical products are able to connect to leading CAD systems and work with defined parameters to drive design studies, or use neutral files which can, if needed, be prepared with SpaceClaim or used as they are directly. Solid volumes, surfaces/shells and line bodies can all be used, enabling the most efficient modeling approach for the analysis being undertaken.