Solidbase Technology Services


PT. Solidbase technology provides a service that is specific training on our product program. The training is open to the public or our own customers. training programs are available to Altium Designer and PCB Prototyping.

This training is much more emphasized how to use software to design PCB Altium, So start from making project, schematic drawing, PCB, library, until Gerber output for fabrication.

  1. Altium Designer Integration Platform
  2. Libraries & Components
  3. Placing Components & Wiring
  4. Creating a New PCB
  5. Transferring Design Information to PCB
  6. Routing Essentials
  7. Polygon Pour
  8. Output Documentation
  9. PCB Library Editor
  10. Schematic Library Editor
  11. Multi-Sheet Design
  12. Multi-Sheet Design Continued
  13. Setting up the PCB Layers
  14. Design Rule Check
  15. Editing Multiple Objects