Magline, Develop under aerospace and defence standards

Monocoque structures, electronic control systems and communications integrated in high performance aerial vehicles.


Magline offers UAS products to OEM customers interested on a quick route to the market rather than starting up their own UAS development program.

Often integrations take extensive testing and debugging for a safe product to be used. Magline offers project managers unexpensive solutions, fully integrated that can be custom build for the specific application when there is a tight schedule for deliveries.

Magline trains crews on design, manufacturing, flight operations and also maintenance, so that the initial operations can be established in a fraction of the time of what it would mean to go through the whole UAS program to bring up a prototype.

Platforms designed by Magline are among industry´s best, and they have been chosen as a robust solution, for their performance and quality assurance level by a number of qualified End Users.

All our systems feature COTS flight management systems and are payload agnostic to offer a flexible specification for the system into the market.


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UAVs/RPAs Subsystems

Engine Packages

ECU/EFI engines are supplied complete with engine blocks to a seamless integration with engine bulkhead and antivibration dampers for a know vibration pattern, benign to flight control systems and optronics.

45 second is typical time to replace a complete engine package from a UAV and to mount a replacement engine package in its place, and to re-start it again.

Engine packages (based on 3W blocks up to 360cc displacement:

  • CECU/EFI/Fuel Pump integrated system
  • Power Supply: Generator/Starter to 28/12/5V
  • Leak free lines
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Available tow targets with weights aprox 25Kg to be deployed from aircraft using 4km Kevlar line. Tow targets feature luneberg lenses to deliver clear 10sqm radar signature.

Ask for available IR generators on board that can be activated after release.