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Trinity F90+ 2in1 Vector/Scorpion

Why Quantum-Systems?


Innovative technology

Our eVTOL Fixed-Wing UAVs combine the advantages of helicopters and airplanes. Vertical take-off and landing capability and sophisticated aerodynamics in perfect symbiosis – in one product!

Easy to operate, highly automated UAVs

Our drones are easy and safe to operate. The development of all function and mission critical hard- and software components happens in-house. The workflow design of our comprehensive systems allows for high user friendliness and low training efforts.

Compelling ROI

Quantum-Systems eVTOL UAVs are ideal for flying over large areas or long corridors. Mission efficiency and price attractiveness are integral parts of our development work to achieve unbeatable ROIs.

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Uji Performa dan Pelatihan Penggunaan eVTOL UAV Fixed Wing Quantum Systems Trinity F90Plus di Pusat Teknologi Industri Pertahanan dan Keamanan – Badan Pengkajian & Penerapan Teknologi Republik Indonesia (BPPT RI)

Pusat Teknologi Industri Pertahanan Keamanan adalah salah satu unit kerja Pusat di Badan Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknologi (BPPT RI) dibawah Kedeputian Teknologi Industri Rancang Bangun dan Rekayasa (Dep. TIRBR). Unit/ Pusat ini memiliki tupoksi untuk melakukan pengkajian dan penerapan di bidang teknologi industri pertahanan dan keamanan dan memiliki fungsi. Baca Selengkapnya >

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