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to help you focus less on process, and more on design.

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Design With Purpose, Create With Passion

Elevate your engineering with the new PCB routing and design enhancements in Altium Designer 17.
  • Design the highest quality PCB layouts in a fraction of the time with ActiveRoute.
  • Reduce signal integrity disturbances on high-speed designs with Backdrilling.
  • Save time creating and editing your copper polygons with Dynamic Copper.


We're meeting the challenges of growing engineering complexity with precise

control and exceptional performance in your PCB routing workflow.


Design high quality PCBs in a fraction of the time with high-performance, guided routing technology.

Track Glossing

Easily optimize the quality and length of every net on your PCB with automated alignment of routing paths.

Dynamic Selections

Quickly group and edit design objects with new freeform shape and gesture-based selection tools.

Your Design Tool Needs to Know

More Than Just Schematic and Layout.

One Design Tool

for every design need

PCB design is more than just a schematic and board layout, and every stage of your design process matters. But more often than not, you're forced to learn a different piece of software for each stage of your workflow.

Wouldn't it be easier to have an all-in-one solution that adapts to your every design need? From connecting with supplier data to routing a board layout and controlling revisions of your design, Altium Designer does it all in one seamless environment.

One Tool, One Workflow, One Solution.

Meet Your Every Engineering Need with Altium Designer

Work in One Design Environment

for Your Entire Engineering Workflow

Stay at your most efficient and productive in a design environment that fully adapts to your needs. From schematic capture to board layout and beyond, Altium Designer connects all of the separate yet intimately connected elements of your design process in one unified design environment.

Get It Done Right the First Time

with Dynamic and Intelligent Supply Chain Data

Tap into a rich source of real-time pricing and availability data from your most trusted parts suppliers with Supplier Links in Altium Designer. Get instant pricing and availability updates on your most commonly used components and never miss another launch date due to unavailable components.

Centralize, Standardize and Manage

Your Most Valued Design Assets

Work from a single source of trusted component libraries available to your entire design team with centralized library management in Altium Designer. Instantly capture, control, and reuse your most valued parts in all of your future projects.

Meet Your Every Engineering Need with Altium Designer


Learn how Vox creates industry-leading guitar amplifiers with the powerful data management and collaboration tools in Altium Designer.

ETL Systems

Learn how ETL is developing advanced RF devices for the telecommunications industry with the unified design environment in Altium Designer.


Learn how ROLI is creating the next generation of intuitive musical instruments with the the unified design environment in Altium Designer.

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