Supports 1:1 and 1:N matching
Operates on network mode
Role-based administration
User-defined profile groups and time zones
Supports 2 palms per user including alarm palm
Standard 26-bit Wiegandprotocol or higher
TCP/IP communication interface
Optional embedded reader for access cards
Can connect to third party controller or access card systems via Wiegand protocol

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Security systems - Door lock and integrated building security systems
Log-in control - ID verification, network data access, etc.
Healthcare - ID verification for medical equipment, electronic record management, etc.
Financial services - ATM, kiosks, vault access, etc.
Education - Track attendance of students and staff, meal plan transaction.


Description Specifications
Sensor Fujitsu PalmSecure Sensor
Matching type 1-1 verification or 1-N identification
Enrolment time 5 seconds
Verification time 2 second
False Acceptance Rate (FAR) 0.00008%
False Rejection Rate (FRR) 0.01%
ID number From 1 to 10 digits
Number of user templates 4,000 (expandable to 50,000)
Number of transactions 50,000 (expandable to 500,000)
Communications TCP/IP
Wiegand protocol Standard 26-bit or higher(customizable)
Controller (external) 4 inputs and 4 outputs(Optional)
Dimensions 221mm (W) x 173mm (H) x 112mm (D)
Power 12V DC at 3 amp


Typical Configuration