Interfaces with a multitude of existing Access Control systems using industry standards
Enhanced security through audit trail of transaction images
TrueLife™ Liveness Detection means the RevoFace cannot be fooled by any photograph or electronic image
Supports user heights from 150cm (4'11") to 195cm (6'5") in a single device
Color touchscreen, intuitive menus and video intercom
Supports common card types including 125kHz & ISO14443 RFID such as Mifare, Felica plus NFC-capable devices.

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Public Safety Authentication: International Airports, International Seaport
Construction sites (Underground, Outdoor or Indoor)
Workers Dormitories
Hospital/ Healthcare/ Medical
Visitor Management System (Kiosk, Turnstile)
Office and security access control


Dimensions 225 x 100 x 35 mm
Screen 4.3" Colour LCD Touchscreen
Camera CMOS
Card reader 125kHz, 13.56MHz
Fingerprint reader Thermal (optional)
Interfaces Door relay, Exit switch, Fire & Intrusion alarm, Remote Unlocking Module (RUM)
Environmental rating IP65 / NEMA4
Operating Temperature -25°C to +50°C / 5% to 95% RH
-13°F to 122°F
Power Supply 90-240VAC / 50-60Hz, UPS, POE
Network Connectivity 100Base-T Ethernet, RS485, Wiegand

Software (Web Service)
Management Software Event viewer, User admin, Verification monitoring, user profiles, Backup, Backup scheduling,
configuration manager, Time and Attendance reconciliation, Self test, etc...
Standalone tools (on device) Enroll, edit and delete users, configure user rights, diagnostics, etc..
User capacity Range 1-5000+ users
Log capacity 50,000 Standalone

Matching Engine REVO™ technology (proprietary)
Matching Speed < 1 second
Ambient Lighting All conditions from total darkness to full sunlight from any direction
Liveness Detection TrueLife™ technology (proprietary)
Fingerprint Thermal (optional)
EER < 3 %

Verification Modes 1:01
1 : N (optional with fingerprint
Access Method Face + Card and/or PIN
Fingerprint or Voice (optional)
Proximity Sensor Detects user and wakes from sleep mode


Typical Configuration

Corporate Solution

Entreprise Solution


REVOFace™ demo starter pack is available for distributors for showcasing our proven technology to their prospects. The demo starter pack comes in 2 options:

Demo Kit 1

a)    A ruggedized demo carrier case
b)    Revoface unit
c)    Tripod stand unit with carrier bag to mount Revoface unit for demo
d)    Portable Wireless NANO Router unit(enable wireless connection to the Revoface unit)
e)    12V/5A Power adaptor

Demo Kit 2

a)   A ruggedized demo carrier travel luggage case
b)   Revoface unit
c)   Tripod stand unit with carrier bag to mount Revoface unit for demo
d)   Portable Wireless NANO Router unit(enable wireless connection to the Revoface unit)
e)   12V/5A Power adaptor
f)   Ruggerdized Power Touchlight Lithium battery(To demo facial recognition under immense lighting condition)