PCB Processing Equipment for prototypes and small series for industrie, research & development and schools


  • Cleaning of the rinsing water of heavy metals and solids
  • Decrease of the COD-value (chemical/oxygen demand)
  • Neutralization of the waste water
  • Easy handling and operating
  • Economical solution for problems with waste water cleaning
  • Regeneration of the ion exchange resin as a service
  • Circulation of rinsing water possible
  • According to the „Wasserhaushaltsgesetz" (German law re. waste water treatment)

Recirculation System IONEX 1500 for Cleaning of Rinsing Water

  • The water circulates continuously in the system and is cleaned.
  • Rinsing water is only used to fill the tank of the system.
  • During this waste water-free process, no waste water gets into the sewerage.
  • Self-control and control by the local authority of waste water is not necessary.
  • The toxic agents remain in the 4-step filter system.
  • The recirculation system is automatically controlled and easy to handle.
  • Space saving construction