PCB Processing Equipment for prototypes and small series for industrie, research & development and schools


  • The unit offers all necessary equipment for the PCB processing, and due to the compact construction it needs only very small space.
  • Easy handling and clear conception
  • The PROTEC CH provides a thin, uniform protection coating, and an optimal, nearly water-insoluble corrosion protection, that even after months is easily solderable.


Immersion tin for perfect lead-free soldering

The PROTEC SN is a professional equipment for the production of final surfaces of printed circuit boards. The machine includes all necessary tanks and electrical equipment in a very compact design.

PROTEC SN with the ORMECONĀ® -process guarantees:

  • Planar surface for SMD technology
  • Pure tin deposit, even with high copper load of the bath
  • Significant reduction of diffusion velocity
  • Multiple soldering possible, even with intermediate storage
  • Improved temperature resistance

The design of the PROTEC SN enables to extend or reduce the equipment depending on the requirements e.g.:

  • Electroless Nickel/ electroless Gold
  • OSP organic solderability preservative