PCB Processing Equipment for prototypes and small series for industrie, research & development and schools

Sheet shear 530

  • The machine is specially designed for cutting PCB up to 3 mm, and can also be used for cutting metal up to 1 mm and aluminium up to 2 mm.
  • A manual lever brings down the blade via a double eccentric. At the same time, it fixes the adjustable depressing bar.
  • The blades of hardened steel are manufactured in a way that minimizes ridges and gives totally clean PCB cutting edges.
  • The front and rectangular stop is equipped with a scale. The lateral parallel stop with scale is mounted on a bar and is easily and precisely adjustable.

Sheet shears S650 / S650M

  • Hardened, self-adjusting blade
  • Automatically working, plastic coated depressing bar
  • Adjustable angle stop with scale
  • Angle-adjustable back stop with mm-scale
  • Perfect cuttings, even with very narrow sheets
  • Type S650 is equipped with a manual lever
  • Type S650M is driven by an electric motor and specially designed for series production