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Filtration unit brushing machine RBM 300 / 400

The rinsing water circulates continuously through the filter and is reused. A sturdy pump delivers the contaminated rinse water into the 20" filter system to the spray rinse device of the brushing machine. After use in the brushing machine water flows into the circulation tank of the filter unit for purification. All parts of the machine are functionally designed and ready for operation. All parts in contact with water are made of chemical resistant plastic.

Special characteristics
No waste water flows into the sewerage. Tap water is only necessary to fill the tank of the system.
The pollution of the filter is visible at the pressure indication of the manometer. Therefore change of the filter is easy to see.
The construction of the filtration unit allows quick and easy change of the filter candle.
Use of 20" filter candle.
A level control switch avoids dry running and break-down of the pump.
The flow rate is controlled by a ball cock.
The unit is completely delivered for the connection with the brushing machine.

The recirculation filtration units are used in combination with brushing machines to filter solids.