PCB Processing Equipment for prototypes and small series for industrie, research & development and schools

Aktina E

  • Single-sided exposure unit with a working surface of 300 x 400 mm for exposure of ultra-violet light sensitive coatings
  • Due to the construction of the UV lamps in the top of the casing , an optimal control of the film positioning, even after the fixation of the film on the PCB.

Aktina U

  • Single-sided exposure unit in sturdy, chemically resistant plastic cases, with a working surface of 200 x 400 mm (Aktina U4) or 300 x 400 mm (Aktina U6)

Aktina S

  • Double-sided drawer-type units for exposure of ultraviolet light-sensitive coatings, with a working surface of 300 x 400 mm or 300 x 550 mm

Light box

  • The light box allows a sight control and art work. The desk-style light box fitted with an inclined worktop of acrylic glass uniformly distributes the light of the two fluorescent lamps in the base and prevents glare.
  • Housing is made of chemical resistant plastic