Laser Marking Machine

Marking area: flat: 250mm*2mm dia.of circle: 5--200mm

Marking Surface: Flat, cylindrical and conical surfaces

Marking speed: 100--2500mm/min

Marking depth: 0.02--1mm (adjustable,relevant to the material)

Voltage: 220V or 110V

Size of the Workpiece: No restrictions to the size and height of the workpiece when marking on flat surface.

Major Parts: main machine,cotroller,rotary fixture and marking softwrae Function Introduction:

  1. Small or big workpiece, flat, cylindrical or conical surface, steel or paper material can all be marked,
  2. marking needle can be turned freely,
  3. marking process can be undergone either standing or lying,
  4. with the rotary fixture can mark on cylindrical surface,Marking on flat suface like label will change the flat fixture.

Application Scope:Motor part, mechanical part, machine tool, hardware product, pump valve, steel tube, ring flange, electromechanical equipment, label(name plate), dial plate, etc.

 NC-J-CO2-10W  NC-J-CO2-20W NC-J-ICO2-30W   NC-J-CO2-100W
Input voltage
 220V/50-60Hz/5A  (110V/50-60Hz/8A to be customized) 220v/50Hz/20A 
Power consumed
<600W <3.5kW 
Laser power
 10W  20W  30W  100W
 Adjustable power range  5-100%
 Laser wave length  10.6μm
 Modulatin frequency  1-20kHz
 Min. speed  <7000mm/s
Min. line width
 0.07mm 0.1mm  0.12mm  0.18mm 
Min. charact size
 0.3mm 0.3mm   0.5mm*0.5mm
 Repeat accuracy  ±0.01mm
Marking detph
<1.5mm <2mm <3mm <8mm
Marking area
 Optical range  70mm*70mm/180mm*180mm/300mm*300mm
Control interface   USB
 Cooling system Air cooling  Water-cooled  
 Working system 24 Hours