ANSYS Vista TF is integrated into the ANSYS Workbench platform for powerful and quick turbomachinery design and analysis. As a 2D throughflow solver, it fills the space between 1D correlations and 3D CFD, providing rapid initial analysis of rotating machinery before proceeding to more rigorous and detailed 3D fluid flow simulations. Performing initial design iterations using the ANSYS Vista TF 2D throughflow solver can reduce the total time devoted to product design and development, maximizing the efficiency of engineering simulation.

Rapid Single and Multistage Analysis
ANSYS Vista TF solves a simplified set of equations on a 2D meridional surface, with empirical correlations for loss, incidence, etc., and therefore runs in a matter of seconds or minutes. This rapid turnaround time enables you to improve your basic design early in the development cycle, before performing detailed analysis with full 3D CFD as you refine the design.

Flexible Correlations
ANSYS Vista TF provides a selection of correlation templates for different machine types, from compressors and turbines to fans and pumps. Detailed documentation enables advanced users to easily adjust loss and deviation parameters to meet specific needs.

Integrated with ANSYS Workbench
Integration into the ANSYS Workbench platform enables you to directly import turbomachinery designs for throughflow analysis with ANSYS Vista TF. You can use the system-wide parameter management inherent to ANSYS Workbench to update design variations with the click of a button, including automatically generated reports for viewing with ANSYS CFD-Post.