Inductive Device Synthesis and Modeling

ANSYS VeloceRF is an inductor, transformer and transmission line synthesis and modeling tool.

VeloceRF integrates with leading EDA platforms instantiating ready-to-tapeout layouts and providing highly accurate SPICE models, silicon-verified up to 110 GHz.

Meet your most exacting inductor needs

VeloceRF shortens the design cycle by greatly reducing the time it takes to synthesize and model complex spiral devices and T-lines. With VeloceRF, it takes only a few seconds to compile an inductor or transformer geometry and just a couple of minutes to model and analyze complex inductors.

With VeloceRF, you can:

  • Synthesize DRC/DFM clean devices by design, including fill, down to 5nm
  • Generate passive, causal models in the form of:
    • S-parameter models suitable for AC, harmonic balance and SP analyses
    • Highly compact RLCk netlist models suitable for transient, shooting and noise analyses
  • Get sophisticated PCells/PyCells with maximum flexibility in geometrical parameters (CDFs)

Reduce silicon size and build the perfect floor plan

Inductor size as well as inductor-to-inductor crosstalk can impact the die size. VeloceRF helps you design smaller devices using optimization criteria and geometry constraints. In addition, VeloceRF enables you to calculate coupling among any number of inductors to optimize silicon real estate even more.

VeloceRF allows you to:

  • Synthesize devices with tight physical constraints
  • Design innovative, tight packing of multiple devices and lines
  • Tighten or eliminate guard rings
  • Optimize the silicon floor plan, including coupling among any number of inductive devices, before detailed layout

Minimize respin and alleviate risk in your design

VeloceRF mitigates risk in your design by providing:

  • Silicon proven models accurate up to 110 GHz
  • Unique coupling analysis among inductors to ensure crosstalk-related failures are eliminated
  • Parametric sweep support of inductor parameters for delivering optimal solution in circuit context

Synthesize mm-wave devices for nanometer CMOS in seconds

Millimeter-wave (mm-wave) frequencies impose stringent design constraints. A small change in the layout can have a huge impact on the design characteristics due to the short wavelength.

VeloceRF provides you with:

  • Specific spiral device geometries to support high frequency operations
  • A wide array of T-line structures to support a LEGO-like approach to design including: microstrip lines, coplanar waveguides (shielded and double-shielded), striplines, 45 and 90 degree bends, T-junctions, stubs, branchline couplers, Wilkinson dividers
  • Proven silicon accuracy to mm-wave frequencies

Seamless integration with EDA platforms and foundry design kits

VeloceRF currently supports over 200 unique foundry, process and stackup combinations. It works with any process including CMOS, BiCMOS, GaAs, SOS and SOI from all semiconductor foundries such as TSMC, UMC, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, TowerJazz and Samsung. VeloceRF supports all process nodes down to 5nm.