ANSYS Variance FX

Variation models for standard cells and custom macros

ANSYS Variance FX provides the most complete variation models for standard cells and custom macros. It creates both delay and constraint derates and .lib timing models for entire libraries. ANSYS Variance FX has production proven accuracy to tackle the most advanced manufacturing processes, and the functionality to account for all critical contributors to delay, constraints and variation across multiple process, voltage and temperature corners.

ANSYS Variance FX makes it practical to calculate delay and constraint variation on a complete cell library in a matter of hours without taking any shortcuts. With a fully threaded and distributed architecture and the ability to run on thousands of CPUs, turnaround time scales inversely with the number of CPUs available

ANSYS Variance FX delivers:

Delay Derates and .lib Timing models
ANSYS Variance FX generates timing constraints, advanced on-chip variation (AOCV) and parametric on-chip variation (POCV) derates, and Liberty Variance Format (LVF) timing models

Ultra-low Voltage Transistor-level Simulation
ANSYS Variance FX leverages the SPICE transistor models and full waveform propagation to provide the accuracy needed to get reliable results at ultra-low voltage and advanced process nodes. Miller-capacitance and other effects are handled correctly, with no shortcuts.

Delay, Constraints and Variation
ANSYS Variance FX simulates delays, slews and constraints. The simulator is fully statistical and handles non-gaussian behavior at low voltage and advanced process nodes.

Reduced Turnaround Time
ANSYS Variance FX is threaded and distributed, dramatically reducing the turnaround time to process entire libraries.

Standard Cells and Custom Macros
ANSYS Variance FX simulates standard cells and custom macros for delay, constraints and variation.

Backed by a fully scriptable simulation engine, ANSYS Variance FX can be used in a variety of physical design flows, and can generate customized output for third party tools.