ANSYS SPEOS upgrades predictive illumination and optical performance of systems to save on prototyping time and costs and improves your product’s efficiency.

To design and optimize your optical system easily and quickly, SPEOS combines lighting performance modeling with extensive dedicated libraries and optimizer capabilities. SPEOS allows you to study and consider the interactions of photons with mechanical geometries, to quickly create a functional illumination system for your product. SPEOS offers extensive métier-oriented features, such as optical part design, optical sensors test, HUD design and analysis and infrared modeling.

To validate your system and match your performance criteria, SPEOS combines powerful light analysis capabilities with illumination evaluation from UV to near infrared.

To see the final aspect of your product integrated into a whole system and environment, SPEOS provides a high-fidelity visualization of the final result, based on unique human vision capabilities. You can deploy these visualizations in VR to live a fully immersive review experience and make the most comprehensive design decisions.

It is the only product that offers a comprehensive approach for your optical simulation.

Designing and optimizing your system

ANSYS SPEOS provides a unique solution for optical design within a PLM/CAD environment, enabling non-experts to perform illumination design. Turn on the light in your CAD mechanical mock-up and intuitively explore the propagation of light in 3D.

  • Lighting System Modeler
  • Automated Optical Part Design
  • HUD Design and Analysis
  • Optical Sensor Test
  • Far Infrared Extension
  • Manufacturing Variations Simulation

Validating your system

Thanks to dedicated analysis tools, you can easily understand the interactions between light and materials. ANSYS SPEOS lets you test out a greater number of lighting concepts and “what if” scenarios quickly and easily. Improve performance by choosing the right references from the extensive library, and, more than just complying with international norms and standards, deliver better overall quality.

  • Lighting System Analyzer
  • Optical Design Optimizer
  • Library

Deploying your system

Facilitating communication between customer and supplier and between development teams, SPEOS provides realistic visualizations of the final aspect of your product in its final environment, virtually. With a unique physics-based approach to light, taking into account the optical properties of all components and the dynamics of the human eye, you reduce the need for physical prototypes drastically.

  • Lighting System Visualizer