Pre-LVS Electromagnetic Modeling

ANSYS RaptorX is a novel pre-LVS electromagnetic modeling software solution. The limitless capacity of its engine in combination with highly accurate results and blazing fast modeling times are the core differentiating factors compared to any other EM tool currently available.

Pushes the limits on capacity

As the complexity of the circuit increases, your design may include hundreds of ports or nets. RaptorX is the only product in the market that, due to its unrivalled capacity, can calculate RLCk parasitics for highly complex circuits such as power grids, full custom blocks, spiral inductors and clock trees. RaptorX can accurately extract any arbitrary routing and layout, including planes (solid or perforated), round shapes and MiM/MoM capacitors.

Unprecedented modeling and simulation speed

With RaptorX, RLCk modeling and simulation is completed in minutes compared to other solutions which can take hours. Furthermore, its speed accelerates linearly with the number of cores.

Proven Accuracy

ANSYS benchmarks the accuracy of its modeling engine against lab measured data from hundreds of devices implemented in silicon every year. The pool of measured devices now numbers over 3,000 and covers all production technology nodes. Models are benchmarked against measurement up to 110 GHz. A large number of designs based on ANSYS models are in production across multiple customers serving multiple market applications.

Extremely user-friendly


  • Allows point-and-click based net selection process
  • Provides easy handling of one type of port or use of existing layout pins and labels
  • Allows addition and exclusion of nets through a simple-to-use interface, enabling “what-if” analysis for the evaluation of crosstalk among blocks
  • Supports batch runs for routine jobs
  • Does not require definition of boundary conditions and special types of ports, unlike other EM solvers
  • Integrates with popular design platforms by Cadence and Synopsys
  • Can be instrumental in debugging discrepancies between silicon measurements and circuit simulations due to its ease of use.

Output models support all circuit analysis

With RaptorX you can generate passive, causal models in the form of:

  • S-parameter models suitable for AC, harmonic balance and SP analyses
  • Highly compact RLCk netlist models suitable for transient, shooting and noise analyses