ANSYS Forte incorporates proven ANSYS Chemkin-Pro solver technology — the gold standard for modeling and simulating gas phase and surface chemistry. While legacy engine-combustion CFD simulations utilize chemistry solvers that are too slow to handle the chemistry details required for accurate predictions of ignition and emissions, Forte uses multicomponent fuel models combined with comprehensive spray dynamics, without sacrificing simulation time-to-solution.

  • Automatic mesh generation including solution adaptive mesh refinement and geometry-based adaptive mesh refinement eliminates weeks of effort typically spent on manual mesh preparation.
  • True multicomponent fuel-vaporization models enable a self-consistent representation of the physical spray and the kinetics for accurate prediction of fuel effects.
  • Advanced spray models dramatically reduce grid and time-step dependency when compared to existing approaches. This gives you the ability to track soot particle nucleation, growth, agglomeration and oxidation without a compute-time penalty to predict particle size and number.

Forte speeds simulations with automatic, on-the-fly mesh generation and refinement

Parallel performance gains in ANSYS Forte have resulted in a 2X-plus time reduction for full-cycle internal combustion engine simulations, which include spray, chemistry and flame propagation physics.