ANSYS Additive Suite

The most powerful simulation solution for metal additive manufacturing

ANSYS Additive Suite delivers the critical insights required by designers, engineers and analysts to avoid build failure and create parts that accurately conform to design specifications. This comprehensive solution spans the entire workflow — from design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) through validation, print design, process simulation and exploration of materials.

The available meshing options allow for creation of a connected, layered mesh that captures fine details of model geometry and accurately accounts for small features.

You have full control over build steps and are now able to add in heat treatment and support removal steps to carry out a more complete simulation of the whole additive process.

As with most features within ANSYS Workbench, parametric analysis systems can be created so you can study optimizations of parameters such as part position and orientation.

Available as an add-on to the ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise license.