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Standard Subscription Plan

Cloud storage and sharing for PCB designers.
Includes one Altium 365 Workspace.

You also get:
The latest Altium Designer updates
24/5 live chat support
Access to the AltiumLive community

Pro Subscription Plan

Complete component and data management for every electronics design.
Includes one Altium 365 Workspace.

You also get:
The latest Altium Designer updates
Priority access to Altium technical experts
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Unlimited on-demand training

Full Plan Comparison

Take advantage of the latest Altium Designer technology, comprehensive professional services, and Altium 365 – all accessible with a single subscription.


Cloud storage and sharing for PCB designers.


Complete component and data management for every electronics design.

PCB Design Tool



Altium Designer Updates
Maintain access to the latest Altium Designer updates as they are released.
We continue to release maintenance updates and bug fixes for every version of Altium tools for 36 months after their release.

Altium 365 Cloud Services



Altium 365 Workspace
A Workspace is a secure and private environment for all of your data and the people you invite to work together.
Native Integration with Altium CAD Tools
Work with Altium 365 directly from your Altium Designer interface.
Altium Designer
Altium Designer
Free Access for Non-ECAD Users
Add all project stakeholders from any domain to your workspace at no extra cost without the need for additional licenses.

Design Review & Sharing on Web



Web Viewer
View, browse, measure, search, and cross-probe designs from your browser. Multiple file formats are supported, including schematic, layout, 3D PCB, and BOM.
Global Sharing
Share live designs with customers, contractors, and collaborators without sacrificing security or design integrity.
Turn your static design review documents into dynamic comments that live within your designs and are available to any team member with Altium Designer or a browser.




Basic MCAD CoDesigner
Enable bi-directional communication between ECAD and MCAD (SOLIDWORKS®, PTC Creo® Parametric™, Autodesk Inventor®) domains, allowing changes to be reflected and updated on either side.
Advanced MCAD CoDesigner
Bi-directional integration between ECAD and MCAD tools (SOLIDWORKS®, PTC Creo® Parametric™, Autodesk Inventor®) with advanced geometry (extruded copper, via transfers) support.
Rigid Flex Support
For rigid-flex designs in Dassault SOLIDWORKS®
Electronic Component Placement in MCAD
Place components from your MCAD system and synchronize them with Altium Designer ECAD models, designators, and sourcing data to simplify your design process.

Centralized Cloud Storage



Design Storage and Version Control
Store and access all of your design assets in one centralized location in the cloud with full visibility of the changes made.
Project History
Review every change that happens to your designs, including details like net and component modifications, with in-depth search capabilities for modified data.
Design Reuse
Managed schematic sheets, reusable layer stacks, design templates, and defaults.
Configurable Lifecycle Management
Define lifecycle states and assign them to design data, including components with models, managed schematics, and releases.

Libraries and Supply Chain



Cloud Components
Easy-to-use design libraries stored in a centralized, secure, and version-controlled cloud platform.
Intelligent Supply Chain
Control the list of manufacturing parts associated with the components in your design and always have up-to-date information about their status and availability.
Managed Components
Formal data management for design library components, including support for lifecycle states, in-design validation, templates, and where-used traceability.
Octopart Library Content
Access models, parameters, and basic lifecycle data for millions of electronic components in Octopart
Component Data Link
Load component data from other external sources, including CSV, Excel, and ODBC.
IHS Markit® Component Intelligence
Advanced component data from IHS Markit.
Library Health Dashboard
Proactively monitor design libraries for validity, quality, and potential issues.
Simple Part Request
Assign component creation requests to nominated CAD librarians.




User Management
Manage workspace access for people inside and outside of your organization.
Role and Group Management
Organize users into groups with granular access rights.
Support for Single Sign-on (SSO)
Connect with popular SSO identity services via the SAML protocol
Change Notification
Receive notifications regarding design changes through Altium Designer, Altium 365, or by email.
Change Conflict Prevention
Prevent edit conflicts with instant notifications in Altium Designer when several people start editing the same document.
Operation Permissions Support
Finely control major operational availability for all the team members and groups in your organization.




Push to Manufacturing
Share a release package with your manufacturer with a button click, keeping the package consistent and avoiding costly mistakes. Manufacturers can view and comment on the files via a web browser without the need to install Altium Designer.
Release to Manufacturing Storage
Secure storage for released manufacturing files, complete with history and archiving.

Support and Services



Altium Live Community Forums
Connect with our community, join discussions, share tips, ask/answer questions, and give feedback to our developers.
Knowledge Base
Quickly find in-depth answers and step-by-step instructions to the most common questions asked by users.
Live Chat
Chat with Altium's staff of Technical Professionals 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday.
Priority Access
Get priority access to Altium's Technical Professionals through Live Chat ensuring faster connection times.
Support Ticket Escalation
Receive priority processing for escalated support tickets resulting from Live Chat.
On-Boarding (Altium365)
Live and On-Demand technical sessions to get you working efficiently in Altium 365.
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Up to 5 hours of customized onboarding with your Dedicated Customer Success Manager to ensure your team gets set up quickly in Altium 365.
Regular Check-Ins
Your Customer Success Manager will continue to make periodic check-ins as required, to ensure everything is on track and to proactively identify areas in Altium 365 that you may want to learn more about.
On-Demand Educational Videos
Access on-demand educational videos and get previews of our full technical courses covering everything from introductory to advanced and specialized electronics design.
On-Demand Training Courses
Access to unlimited On-Demand Training for the duration of your subscription period.

What’s Included

Altium 365 icon

Altium 365

Unite PCB design, MCAD, data management, and teamwork together without changing a thing about how you already design electronics in Altium Designer.

Icon of a rocket

The Latest Design Technology

Get access to the latest Altium Designer updates right when they’re released and continue to innovate with the best electronics design technology.

Monitor icon

More Technology, Same Price

Current subscribers get more out of their design tools for the exact same price. Plus, with more plan options, it’s easy to find the right subscription for your engineering needs.

Icon of a book with infinity sign

Unlimited Learning

Constantly expand your team’s knowledge and skills with unlimited access to on-demand training.

Live Support

Get the help you need, right when you need it with live chat support, access to the AltiumLive community, and feature requests.

Maintenance Updates

We continue to support every version of Altium tools for 36 months after their release. Maintenance updates focus on improving performance and don’t otherwise change the way your tools work.


No, Altium 365 is a cloud platform that works in conjunction and is tightly integrated within Altium Designer. You don’t have to install Altium 365, all you have to do is to activate it in a few clicks here. It does not replace Altium Designer but rather adds a new layer of capabilities including cloud storage with version control for your design files, design review and markup from any browser, and faster data exchange between ECAD and MCAD tools.
All of the new subscription plans include the maintenance and technology updates you were already getting with your subscription, plus several new features and capabilities. The Standard Plan includes cloud storage and sharing for your electronic designs with Altium 365, the latest technology updates, 24/5 live chat support, and access to the AltiumLive community. The Pro Plan includes component and data management with Altium 365, priority support, unlimited access to on-demand training materials, and five hours of dedicated onboarding with a Customer Success Manager assigned to your account
No, your subscription price does not change. All of our current subscribers are automatically upgraded to the Standard Subscription Plan, which is the same price as your current subscription. The Standard Plan is a more advanced version of your Altium Designer Subscription and now includes a wide range of Altium 365 services. The Pro Subscription Plan includes additional services and capabilities including component and data management and therefore costs more. You can choose whichever plan best suits your needs.
Each plan includes maintenance and technology updates for Altium Designer. What’s different is the level of services you get from Altium and the capabilities of the Altium 365 cloud platform that each plan unlocks. The Standard Plan gives you cloud storage for your libraries and designs natively integrated within Altium Designer, new collaboration capabilities through web-based design review and global sharing, and access to regular support. The Pro Plan includes all of the features included in the Standard Plan, and more advanced capabilities around components and design data management (templates, lifecycles, more advanced MCAD collaboration features, etc). With the Pro plan you also get unlimited access to on-demand training materials and five hours of dedicated onboarding with a Customer Success Manager assigned to your account. You can start with the Standard Plan and then move up to Pro. If you are a current subscriber, you already have access to the Standard plan and can activate Altium 365 here.
No, you do not need Altium 365 to manage your licenses. It does not change anything about how you already manage your Altium Designer licenses.
No, only Altium Designer 20.1.14 and up are compatible with Altium 365.
There are indeed conceptual similarities, and all of these are intended to help you better manage your design data and collaborate. Altium Vault is no longer undergoing active development and is superseded by Altium Concord Pro. Altium 365 features that come with the Pro Plan are nearly identical to the data management capabilities in Altium Concord Pro, and there will be no practical difference in your everyday work between both platforms. However, there are two big advantages to using Altium 365. First, Altium Concord Pro comes as an on-site server you will have to install, configure, and manage yourself. Altium 365 is a cloud platform that requires nothing to install or update. Its cloud nature allows for additional functionality like global access and sharing via the web. Secondly, there are differences in licensing and pricing. Altium Concord Pro is sold as a separate product. With the Pro Subscription Plan, we packaged everything into one plan so you don’t have to worry about managing multiple products and licenses. The Pro Plan is also more cost-effective in most cases (please discuss the pricing details with your account manager). Since all of these products are built on the same platform you can easily move your on-premise installation to the cloud. We offer complimentary data re-hosting services from Vault / Concord Pro to the Pro Subscription Plan for all of our customers, you can learn more about our data rehosting program here.