All Clear Gate

fast, easy, and versatile health screening and metal detection

What is the All Clear Gate?

“The All Clear Gate is the metal and health screening which automatically screens people who pass the gate and directly display the health status of the person. ”All Clear” status will display in the LCD if the person has completed the health screening without showing any symptoms.”


What symptoms could be detected by this screening?



The All Clear Gate able to detect fever, congestion, and shortness of breath within 5 seconds per person.

Core feature in the All Clear Gat

How building management monitor visitors?

  1. Smart dashboard is the control system for the building management in web-based platform. It shows the number of people that screened in the day and the number of people who has the symptom.

  2. Furthermore, the building management could monitor the performance and location of every gate within the single dashboard.

Technical Specification for ALL CLEAR GATE


• Exterior Gateway Dimensions : Width 35” (0.90 m), Height 87” (2.21 m), Depth 23” (0.58 m)
• Interior Gateway Dimensions : Width 30” (0.76 m), Height 80” (2.03 m), Depth 23” (0.58 m)
• Weight : 165 lbs. (74 kg)
• Frame Material : Ruggedized Steel
• Display : LCD Touch Screen

• Blood Oxygen
• External Body Temperature
• Heart Rate
• Respiration Rate

• Units operate at both 110 and 240V.
• Fully automatic conversion, 50 or 60 Hertz, 45 watts. No rewiring or switching needed.

• Ethernet data connectivity via built-in RJ- 45 connector
• 802.3af interface 802.11b/g/ac Wi-Fi supporting 2.4/5 GHz frequency band



  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Area for retail branding
  • Height Adustable
  • Intelligent thermal temperature scan
  • 0.1 – 0.2 Degrees of Accuracy
  • Facial recognition capabilities
  • Non-invasive scan
  • Mobile App integration
  • ADA Compliant


  1. What is the throughput number of people per hour that can be tested?
    Up to 720 individuals can be tested per hour. The system is capable of processing over 5,000 people per 8-Hr shift, with zero downtime.
  2. What field testing has been done and what results can we share?
    A.The system has gone through a series of benchmark tests for known noninvasive medical equipment, such as EKG machines, various thermometers, and has maintained an accuracy of 98-99%. We have followed industry standard engineering processes and ISO procedures.
    B.We have applied EVT (Engineering Verification Testing) models, allowing the system to satisfy the baseline of engineering.
  3. What does an implementation look like? How many people are needed to operate each unit? Is the expectation that this will be an additional responsibility for on-site personnel?
    A.Visually, the implementation is very similar to a metal detector at an airport. Traffic Flow should remain consistent and unrestricted to minimize the time a single person remains within the gateway – this time is estimated to be 5 seconds.
    B.A single operator can reasonably cover up to two units, and a single supervisor can monitor the entire health screening area.
  4. What is the Operating Temperature and Humidity range?
    59° F (15° C) to 122° F (50° C); Humidity up to 95% non- condensing.
  5. What are the Power Requirements?
    Units operate at both 110 and 240V. Fully automatic conversion, 50 or 60 Hertz, 45 watts. No rewiring, switching or adjustments are needed.
  6. What is the Weatherproofing Rating?
    Meets IP 55, IP 65, IEC 529 Standard for moisture, foreign matter protection.
  7. What is the false positive rate?
    False positive (Type-I error) rate is currently estimated at 1%. In other words, Covid Sense is estimated to be 99% accurate per a defined statistical population.
  8. What is the construction type and materials?
    Ruggedized steel frame that can be bolted to the site or suspended on locking swivel wheels.
  9. What is the networking set-up?
    The units connect easily to any local area network — wired or wireless internet connection. In remote locations, the units can also connect to the internet over telephone networks.
  10. What are the installation guidelines?
    A unit is secured by a surface mount with structural bolts (A325, steel, plain finish, 1/2"-13 x 5”), and monitored by TPZ camera with orthogonal view of each Covid Sense device