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BricsCAD for AutoCAD users

By Ralph Grabowski - E-book (PDF file) - 260 pages - English

BricsCAD for AutoCAD Users is the latest e-book from upFront.eZine Publishing. This free e-book is for CAD users wishing to understand the differences and similarities with BricsCAD. It is ideal for offices looking to save on IT expenses by adding lower-cost BricsCAD seats.

  • Advantages to BricsCAD
  • What's missing from BricsCAD
  • Comparison of user interfaces
  • Detailed comparison of drawing file compatibility
  • Detailed comparison of object properties
  • Customizing and programming BricsCAD
  • Working in a dual-CAD office
  • Issues specific to Linux
  • AutoCAD-BricsCAD dictionary
  • Four appendices of reference material