Easy, Modern and Powerful

Truly Unified Design - Altium Designer bridges all facets of the PCB design process to keep you seamlessly connected to every aspect of your design — at all times. Only Altium Designer adds nearly 6,000 New users annually. Easily migrate from competitors' toolchains with the most powerful translation tools in the industry — without which our remarkable growth wouldn’t be possible.

Over the last 30 years, Altium Designer has grown from grassroots solution to the most widely-used PCB design tool on the market. Engineers are abandoning the antiquated methods that plague the design process for the superior design methodology embedded in Altium Designer. That’s why there’s a new license activated every hour, every day.

Schematic Design

Design top-tier electronics faster and more efficiently with hierarchical schematic and design reuse in one cohesive, easy-to-navigate user interface.

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