What's New

Altium Designer 19 comes fully equipped with the most innovative, powerful, and intuitive PCB technologies available. Easily design superior quality electronics using multi-board capability, 3D modelling, enhanced HDI, routing automation, and much more!

Altium Designer 19
Easy, Modern and Now Even More Powerful

New Parts Search & Components Panels

Get immediate access to component libraries and parts availability from major providers, with the ability to place components directly from the panel.

Printed Electronics

Actualize layerless design concepts with the ability to print electronic circuits directly onto a substrate that becomes a part of the product.

MicroVia Support

Expertly model Uvias and HDI stackups on your board to accommodate high input/output densities of advanced component packages.

Watch This 15-Minute Demo to See What's New in Altium Designer 19

Learn about the new high-speed design capabilities, documentation enhancements, optimized multi-board functionality and more in this update.

“During college, I was exposed to Cadence and Mentor Graphics. At my first job, it was Altium Designer and it blew my mind. Altium Designer enabled me to look at the design as a whole and everything was available to me in one suite. Other CAD packages out there require you to purchase different bits and pieces so it was more expensive and the user interface was outdated per se. Altium Designer was very simple to learn. It took me about a week.”

Steven Wood, Ecosense Lighting

Superior PCB Design Through Continuous Innovation

Our mission is to empower PCB designers and engineers to transform the electronics industry. As technology evolves, so do the challenges designers face, and we’re 100% committed to providing innovative solutions to overcome them.